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Third Beach BBQ of the Season


It was cloudy for most of the day but the sun came out and made for a lovely evening at Dallas Beach. We had chicken skewers and a bunch of different salads, including a caprese salad on a stick that may just be a beach BBQ game changer.







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Second Beach BBQ of the Season


The second beach BBQ of the season found us at Witty’s Lagoon, a lovely sandy beach with warm shallow waters and a rugged coastal view. Swallows dove and soared above us and we wandered far out into the low tidal waters with beers in hand. On the menu were chicken skewers, chipotle lime cauliflower “steaks” and the same Thai-style corn on the cob from the last BBQ, because it was just that delicious.






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First Beach BBQ of the Season


First beach barbeque of the season, thanks to the tiny BBQ I bought a few weekends ago. It was perfect except for when this BBQ noob ran out of propane, but luckily the grocery store nearby was stocked and even a brisk wind off the ocean was no match for our blankets. We had green beans and garlic in foil, veggie burgers and corn on the cob basted in a sweet and spicy coconut milk sauce.

Ross Bay Beach is along Dallas Road, across the street from the Ross Bay Cemetery. There’s a washroom nearby too. The views are great and the rocks are nice but it gets dark a bit faster than the Dallas Road Beach.



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The Sobo Cookbook



I was lucky to recently receive a copy of The Sobo Cookbook from Random House, with recipes from the popular restaurant located on the west side of Vancouver Island in Tofino. It’s a really beautiful book, filled with photos depicting life on the west coast and recipes shaped by the influence of life on the Pacific and chef/author Lisa Ahier’s Texas roots.

The cookb0ok seemed like a good enough excuse for me to get into the kitchen and, with Julia visiting from Vancouver, we decided to make the Killer Fish Tacos with Fresh Fruit Salsa recipe and take it to Beacon Hill Park for a little al fresco dinner.

A bottle of Sea Cider Pippins to cut the chipotle heat of the tacos and the few remaining hours of lovely sun were a perfect way to spend the evening.

Killer Fish Tacos with Fresh Fruit Salsa

Fresh Fruit Salsa (see below)
1 lb wild salmon, boneless and skinless
1 lb halibut, boneless and skinless
1 Tbsp salt
½ cup olive oil
1 cup small-diced red onion (about 1 onion)
½ cup puréed canned chipotle chilies in adobo sauce
16 crispy hard taco shells (we used soft tortillas)


  1. Prepare the fresh fruit salsa.
  2. Cut the salmon and halibut into 1-inch cubes and season with the salt.3.
  3. Heat the oil in a large frying pan over medium-high heat. Add the onion and sauté for 1minute. Add the fish and fry for about 3 minutes, until just cooked. Add the chipotlechilies and sauté for 2 to 3 more minutes. Remove from the heat.
  4. Fill the taco shells halfway with the fish mixture, then top with the salsa.
  5. Serve immediately, two tacos per person.
  6. Fresh Fruit Salsa

This salsa should reflect the season, — buy what’s fresh! Makes 5- 6 Cups.

4 kiwi fruits, diced small
½ pineapple, diced small
1 mango, diced small
1 small papaya, diced small
2 avocados, diced small
½ cup chopped fresh cilantro

Combine all the ingredients and refrigerate until ready to use. This salsa will stand up for about24 hours, after which time the fruit begins to break down.

Cook’s Note:
The fruit in this salsa should be diced smaller than for a fruit salad, but not sosmall that the fruit turns to mush. It should amount to 5 – 6 cups all together. If you intend to prepare the salsa in advance, don’t add the avocado until immediately before serving as avocado. turns brown quickly.

Copyright © 2014 by Lisa Ahier & Andrew Morrison. Photography in Sobo Cookbook © 2014 by Jeremy Koreski. All rights reserved.





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Spring Fling/Fake Summer









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Weekend Cabin








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The Cottage Garden


If you ever have the pleasure of visiting Kevin and Ian at their delightful home, known as “The Cottage”, then chances are you will get a tour of Kevin’s incredible garden. Having witnessed Kevin’s green thumb over the years– I remember when he lived in a small one bedroom apartment and grew a jungle’s worth of tomatoes in his sunny living room– I was excited to see what he could do with an actual plot of land.

With summer’s end drawing nearer, much of the garden has been harvested, but an abundance of cherry tomatoes are still choking the greenhouse. (Did I mention the greenhouse that they built out of old window frames? Seriously.) Kevin filled a bag with tomatoes for me, but I finished it before I even left.



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My Girls, Spanish Banks


Despite an ominous thunder and lightning storm that swept through Vancouver in the morning, drenching everything in a intense downpour, the skies cleared in time for me to squeeze in one final beach, thus completing at least a work week’s worth of beach days. After caesars at Wallflower with a nice big group of pals, me, Jordy, Laura and Melissa headed to Spanish Banks, where we frolicked in the warm waters of the low tide and sang our favourite love song over and over.

Thanks to everyone who joined me for #beachweek! Vancouver is a sultry minx when the weather is this good and I am so stoked I got to take full advantage of the sunshine. Don’t forget to visit your local beaches!











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Sunset, Third Beach


Day four of Beach Week had me back at Third Beach in Stanley Park, this time for a coveted sunset session. Sipping a (discreet) can of Stiegl-Radler Grapefruit beer and going for a dusk swim is highly recommended. That moment when the water turns to molten metal always just kills me. Once the sun was gone there was a night time city bike ride, some unexpected and very enjoyable comedy and a double dark & stormy. Another successful beach day!


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Nicole, Jericho Beach


The third day of Beach Week brought us to Jericho Beach, a relaxing strip of sand with a wonderful vista of city/mountain/forest/ocean views. We laid out in the sun and swam and I ate $10 worth of olives from the olive bar at Whole Foods (damn you, Whole Foods olive bar!!).

The very pregnant Nicole dropped by for a visit so we waded out into the water to document her full-term tummy before the baby makes his appearance.



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