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Can you believe it? It’s an outfit post! I haven’t done one of these in months and months because I got really tired of it, but I think the glittery tights commanded me to document them. It’s a very simple outfit, which may be the only way to appropriately incorporate super glitter into my daily life. I wear this cotton pullover sweater dress a lot, and on this day I wore it to shoot some plant portraits and also to shoot the leather goods for ANN-YA. It’s true, I owned metallic tights in high school, but since I’ve officially been out of high school for over ten years, the timing seemed acceptable. At least they’re not striped, and I’m not wearing a slip over my jeans.



Spent my Monday at the Summerland photoshoot, we took over the Beech Street Parlor prior to opening and created cool scenes in every corner. I loved the sultry, romantic and dark mood that Megan was going for with the styling, “soft goth” was an important part of the inspiration. It’s that spooky magic, like when you need to buy roses and it just so happens that you can find some that are perfectly not-quite-but-almost-dead. I’ll definitely be posting the official photos from the shoot as well, cause they are gonna be GOOOOOOD. For now, more peeks behind the scenes:



On Friday I had the great pleasure of meeting up with a huge crew of creative ladies for a special photoshoot out in the Washington woods, to promote the upcoming launch of Eden‘s webshop. Their sister shop is Flutter, which has been a local favorite of mine for quite some time. There’s a special focus on jewelry at Eden, and I think you guys are going to really like what they’re up to. Every person at the shoot was amazing, such great energy- warm and welcoming, creative and active, funny and magical. My job was to shoot behind-the-scenes photos, so that’s what you’re going to see today- I tried to be careful to not spoil the elaborate scenes that were set up in the woods (seriously, so impressive), but once the official images come out I’ll share those here too! There is even a video in the works!

Favorite things:
-The fact that we made it all the way there & back, despite a smoking van
-The ruins of a fairytale dinner party in Annie’s backyard
-Almost zero rain
-Seeing the elaborate scenes that were set up in the woods for the first time, after chillin’ in the hair & makeup zone, drinking homemade chai, eating snacks galore and petting cats
-Cats in the basket, cats in the air, cats upside down, dog showing up every time someone talked about the cats
-Consuelo’s outfit with the pink fringed shawl
-Fancy jewels everywhere, on everyone, plus the people who made them
-Learning about Annie’s crow, Mira
-Genevieve’s astute and funny directing style while filming, especially related to bear faces
-Cindy keeping the champagne flowing all day long
-The needy small fairy fire, because it actually lasted almost all day
-Impressive impromptu chanterelle hunting


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