Opal Creek is one of my favorite summer destinations, we camped out at the beginning of the season and spent time at Three Pools (one of the best swimming spots ever) during the day. The water was still pretty cold then, and I spent my time baking up on the smooth rocks and flower hunting. I took a solo walk down the river from our campsite (the same site where I almost saw the forest get burned down last year), and allowed myself one ice-cold naked drop into the water. I went again a few days ago and spent more time in the water now that we’re deep into summer heats, hopefully I’ll get back there at least once more before summer ends!



A couple weeks ago I traveled up to British Columbia, MY HOMELAND, to photograph Zoë and James’ wedding on Salt Spring Island. I got to fulfill a longtime dream (15+ years in the making) of shooting something extra special like this with my pal Rachel. I ferried over from Vancouver with Zoë and her crew of bride buddies, after grabbing mega snax from Tim Hortons and almost missing our sailing because we were too busy trying to figure out reality tv stars.

I’ve known Zoë for a couple years now, but I’ve only visited with her one-on-one (or with James too!) whenever I am visiting BC, so it was really awesome to get to hang with her closest friends. They were so rad! It was really refreshing to spend time with them, and everyone was so excited and happy. We met up with Rachel (who came from Victoria) and us photo ladies were given the night off to drinks beers and chill. Our villa (peep it here, see if you can find our bedroom with the giant carved whale) was right next to the ocean, so we wandered down to the beach for sunset and spazzed out over all the beautiful properties and arbutus trees.

More from this epic wedding soon.



I picked up some film today from Lindsay & Alec’s wedding (remember their engagement photos?), and wanted to share this cute snap. More to come! I’m heading up to Salt Spring Island this weekend to shoot the wedding of my pals Zoe and James (with the photographic help of Rachel), been looking forward to it for a while.

Also, I want to throw this out there- I’d love to shoot some weddings in California! It’s pretty cheap to get from Oregon to California, so please get in touch (and see more of my wedding work right here, if you like)! I’m pretty serious about spending a few months in LA this winter, probably January – March at least, so I’m extra available for California weddings (and other photo work too) in early 2014.


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