I’m feeling kind of dejected lately, but I know it will pass. The changing seasons make me sad because it means that winter is going to happen again, but I’m setting up plans to spend more time in California (THE SUN) this year so it will be fine. But my body doesn’t know that! It won’t believe me until it happens. As a digital treat to myself I revisited these photos that dalas took of my #1 Most Favorite Moment of the year, watching the sunset in Maui, trapped in a pink misty cloud. I could have existed in that pastel universe for the rest of my life. Here’s one I took on film.



A few weeks ago I shot the Ay Marieke fall jewelry collection made by my talented friend, Marika. We got to realize some dark, romantic, painterly dreams in these images. One of my favorite, but subtle additions to her line this fall is a 10k gold version of the ojo ring. I have this in silver and wear it every single day, it is one of those perfect rings that you can’t even feel once you put it on. Autumn has undeniably arrived.

Photography: Anja Verdugo
Model: Angela Thornton
Hair & Makeup: Amber Blasco
Styling & Jewelry: Marika Emerson / Ay Marieke



This Friday, October 4th, I’m having a little sale party over at Summerland! Maybe you’ve noticed that I haven’t mentioned vintage here in months, and that’s because I am slowly shutting down my shop, after a long run (been at it since 2007!). I’m really happy about it, because it means that I get to focus even more on my photography, which is something I’ve been doing anyway but it’ll be more official.

So, this Friday I’ll be selling off the best of what’s left in my vintage collection, at low prices. Like, nothing over $30. I’m not messing around, haha. Come see us at Summerland – 811 East Burnside #124 (’round the back, downstairs now!), from 6-9PM. Drinks & snacks, plus Megan’s offering 15% off everything.

Not in Portland? I’m also having a big sale in the online shop, a whopping 50% OFF all that remains with the coupon code GOODBYE (enter at checkout). And thank you to everyone who has supported my vintage biz over the years!



More photos from our summer houseboating trip on Sproat Lake. My film SLR did me wrong in two ways – many unfortunate light leaks that killed frames, and straight-up empty/blank frames as if the shutter didn’t open at all. WTF? It worked totally fine for the past few rolls, I have the worst luck with my 35mm film cameras. I only got a few images from the trip, but it’s ok. I think we shot something like 2000 photos on Rachel’s camera anyway, ha ha. It’s cold, dark and rainy here now, so summer photos are (sort of) helping to lift my mood (not really).


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