The Mystic Rose

I’m today’s guest curator on the etsy blog! Come over to see my pink & gray vintage finds, and also please enjoy reading about my fantasy life where I’m conducting fancy lady seances and carrying crystals with me everywhere.


Valentine Video

dalas and I made a video to go along with the Colette Patterns Valentine’s Day shoot! On my computer it looks a little desaturated, but on his it looks fine, so hopefully you’ll see it in its correct color.


A Colette Valentine

Last week I took part in a spur-of-the-moment Valentine’s Day photoshoot for Colette Patterns! It was really fun, dalas and I met up with all the ladies at Sarai‘s studio on a lucky afternoon with no rain, beautiful light, vintage inspired lingerie and gorgeous girls! I was the photographer, Rachel and Jade modeled different variations of the nutmeg lingerie set, and the whole thing was styled by Sarai and Caitlin. It was really fun and I’m so happy with the way they turned out. I’m now officially available for any shoots of adorable ladies in their underwear, haha. I have a few more things from this day to share, but they’re coming later! If you’d like to repost any, please link back to me feel free to view the hi-res versions (and a few extras!) right here. Try not to die from the cuteness.


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