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Interested in advertising on this blog? Send me an email and we can talk about it. I’d like to take this lil’ moment to say thanks to everyone for not harshing on me when I decided to start hosting some ads, it was such a relief to not be torn to pieces over the whole thing. I hope that I’m helping to promote some nice folks in a mellow way, and I’ve been happy with passing along those dollars to other bloggers, who in turn host my ads and help me out! There’s always a delicate balance when it comes to self-promotion and promoting others, the most important advice I can give anyone on this topic is to make your own rules and don’t betray your own personal comfort levels. With all that being said, I’ve got another sponsor interview coming right up!

The above image was shot through the window of Sarah Seven‘s gorgeous shop in downtown Portland, back in December.


Winter Stripes

I was (am) having a nice day today. I was up late last night at a funny Ween concert and I was worried that I’d feel like trash this morning (sewing class at 10am!), but I was totally fine! My class was fun, we’re working on knit dresses and I spent most of the class assembling my paper pattern dress for a fitting. It was so gorgeous outside when I got home, and the afternoon was quiet so I listed some stuff in my shop, which I’ll be posting about soon! The light looked nice out there as it was setting, so I figured it was a good time to photograph this outfit, which I’ve been wearing often for the past couple of months. The dress is cashmere, from the Steven Alan fall collection, I bought it on mega sale and it has been a really great dress all winter. It’s warm, it’s soft, it’s comfortable, the colors are great, it matches my tights, which match my shoes… basically I love it. I’m also wearing my treasured thrifted gem necklace and a handmade one by Emily Baker, aka Sword + Fern. She posted some beautiful previews of new work and I’m spying some dusty rose and charcoal combos… aka my favorite colors, if I haven’t made that clear enough these days!

Not much else to report. We’re going to eat crepes and see Marc Maron tonight. Next week dalas and I are going on stage as our comedy duo, verudgo and wife. GET PUMPED.


Sweaters, Ribbons, Sewing, Books…

It has been a while since I’ve done a post like this, I’ve been collecting images and getting lots of things in the mail, working on projects and reading good books. I know I’ve said it already, but I’ve been really busy this month/year so far and I think it’s going to continue being like that. I’m not used to it yet! I definitely prefer a more relaxed pace, but least I’m busy with interesting things. I’m tryin’. Above, you can see a special sweater from Hetterson, which you’ll be seeing more of soon, and a really sweet magazine from Norway.

Sue is my old ribbon dealer. She hooks me up with amazing colors every so often and I use them to wrap up my shop orders! Last time she sent me a whole range of blues.

I have some weird Pyrex science beakers and bird figures sitting in a window downstairs, this is what happens when the light comes in through the window and hits my photo backdrop.

This is downtown in Portland right now, I haven’t actually figured out what it’s part of. There’s a variety of art stuff in that zone, or at least there was a month or so ago when I took this photo.

A collection of shimmery things. A 1930′s dress, 1930′s rhinestone blouse, and a star crown from Giant Dwarf that I picked up in December.

The fabric under the book is silk that I’m using for a Sencha blouse. It’s almost finished, I just have to add snaps to the back. I half regretted using silk for my first at-home-by-myself sewing project, but it doesn’t look bad! I’m obsessed with sewing these days. The book is a recommendation from Liina, it’s a novel that chronicles some friendships taking place in Oregon, switching back and forth from the fur trading era to modern (1980′s, I think?) time. Lots of good Northwest plant descriptions!

So many of these in the park near my house. They always look amazing in photos.

The photobooth in the NE version of Voodoo Donuts. I ate a maple donut that day.

Got a super deal on this Rennes from Julia’s yard sale blog. It’s so soft, and my current favorite color of pink (paired with gray, duh).

Some Pendleton for Opening Ceremony pieces that I tried on at a sample sale, they were seriously discounted, I haven’t seen a lot of sample sales but whew! The dress I really wanted was sold out already, but I did get the matching skirt. Seems like I should be going out to the Pendleton mill end store and making my own stuff for way cheaper!

A small peek at a 1930′s dress that I bought at the antique mall here, it’s from the now-defunct old local department store, Meier and Frank! I had to buy it as a cool historic Portland artifact.

Last but not least, a nice autumn wood pile.


Colette Patterns + Spring Palette Inspiration

You guys, I’m all over the place today! I also have a Colette Patterns blog, sharing my favorite spring colors as part of their Spring Palette Challenge. The photo above is by Ali, I could look at it forever! It’s perfect, totally contained all of the colors that I wanted to include. I wish I had more time to work on things for the spring sewing challenge, but my sewing classes are keeping me really busy already!


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