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I finally got around to posting these scans on flickr, but forgot to put them here! These paintings (and the ones below) were done for a little art show that I had in August at Frank James (read about the show/see photos here!). I waited such a long time to post the scans of the paintings because I wanted to make prints and have everything up at the same time, but here we are, months later, and I still don’t have any prints! I have a printer, ink, paper, plastic sleeves, cardboard mailers… everything you need to sell prints! The problem is that I am still battling with my printer to get it in working condition. I don’t want to get into it, but I need to dedicate another few hours to figuring it out and I don’t want to because dealing with electronics makes me want to die. So, take a peek at the paintings now, and cross your fingers that there will be prints later!

I’m also planning on listing the originals on etsy, sometime soon. They’re all framed, in thrifted frames painted white, some of which need a little touching up before they can be ready to go out into the world. I’m actually not sure if I should take them out of their frames to sell or not… well, I’ll think about that. If you are interested in purchasing any of them, let me know! They are $70 each, and I am totally willing to part with them before putting them up on etsy. Just shoot me a comment and we’ll talk about it! I’m also interested in doing custom frock paintings, as long as you have a few photos of the item with enough detail! Here’s what they look like framed (you can also go here to see photos of everything at the show):

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  • Lauren

    these are just so lovely. I saw them via an RT frm another vintage seller on twitter when you posted them on flickr but it’s great to see them all together here. I am looking forward to the prints and greatly considering an original…! perhaps not til after the holidays… (;


  • Fiona



  • Sistinas

    Fabulous, beautiful paintings!!
    I love them all! I only wish I had money to buy one.. ;_;


  • Katherine

    so pretty. I think you should leave them in their frames. They look so good together!



  • stephanie

    I love your paintings! They are fantastic!


  • kennedy

    you are so talented and wonderful!


  • Sabrina

    Soooo cute. I love them! fabric is so hard to paint!


  • Elise

    these are all beautiful. i wish they were real and in my closet right now. :)


  • Diane

    Wow, these are absolutely stunning. You are amazing!


  • Caramelized Vintage

    These are sooo awesome! So unique, detailed, and lovely! The first two are my favorites!

    Be calm and patient with your printer, play some nice music, and it’ll be over before you know it, and there will be lovely prints! :}


  • Laurie

    These paintings are so beautiful. I want to make plates out of them. See my Etsy shop:


  • andrea gutierrez

    wow anja, your paintings are so beautiful and wonderfully detailed…


  • Violet Folklore

    Oh wow. These are so cool! I want them on my wall! And I want the red dress on my bod! Nice work girlie.



  • Morgan

    They are all so lovely :-). It’d be great to see you make a set of prints for your shop!


  • satomi

    So cute!!! My favorite is a blue blouse. Please come to Tokyo and have your art show someday;)


  • Suzy

    The sailor one is great and very \you\~


  • Anniina

    I wish those were real dresses, I would buy them immediately! :) Very beautiful!


  • katiecrackernuts

    They’re beautiful. I hope you’ve sorted the printer problem … and I hope you don’t mind me posting them on my blog.


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