More photos from our summer houseboating trip on Sproat Lake. My film SLR did me wrong in two ways – many unfortunate light leaks that killed frames, and straight-up empty/blank frames as if the shutter didn’t open at all. WTF? It worked totally fine for the past few rolls, I have the worst luck with my 35mm film cameras. I only got a few images from the trip, but it’s ok. I think we shot something like 2000 photos on Rachel’s camera anyway, ha ha. It’s cold, dark and rainy here now, so summer photos are (sort of) helping to lift my mood (not really).

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  • http://www.humanseavintage.com Dulcie

    What a magical place…


  • http://www.chilabuffs.wordpress.com maggie

    Love that floating garden.


  • http://kirrileebailey.com Kirrilee

    That water looks incredible


  • http://flyingtigercomics.wordpress.com/ Flying Tiger Comics

    Perhaps the camera failure was due to the close proximity of the now legendary Seatec?


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