I spent the first week of September cruising around a Vancouver Island lake, on my annual Canadian friends trip (this was our second nautical year, aboard a houseboat!). We found ourselves in need of a little aromatherapy so each night, when we would land on shore, we collected nature bits for smudge sticks and incense. Pine, tree sap, chamomile, mint, whatever we could find. Each one mightier than the last.

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  • Inge

    Sounds perfect!


  • maggie

    I have been looking into making my own incense – lovely photos!


  • Angy

    Rosemary … It literally makes my “house cleaning” days more joyous and less daunting.
    Lavender – never been a favourite of mine yet I can’t resist breaking a few blooms off and crushing them in between my palms EVERY time I pass a bush.
    Rose Geranium … crazy good. Bathing, potions, cleaning, oil burners… simply cant get enough.
    Lemongrass – my fave for getting rid of kitchen smells
    Peppermint – a few drops in the recycling bin after each use….
    I could go on…. ♥♥♥


  • Kirrilee

    This looks really enjoyable x


  • abirdsdailylifetale

    This just sounds like a perfect idea for upcoming winter and fall


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