An assortment of photos that have been lingering on my computer, some from almost an entire year ago (yikes). Warm colors and stuff.

1. Sue‘s adorable internet-famous cat, Pepper. He’s so good at posing! This was from last fall when I flew to Philly to shoot Sue & Nate’s wedding party. So fun!

2. Interior at Double Dragon, fancy bahn mi sandwiches. I was editing this photo and dalas came up and asked if I wanted to go there for lunch (without seeing the image). Food psychic?

3. Latte from The West, with Emily back in October when I spent a couple days in NY after Sue’s wedding. Stopped in here a few times since it was in the neighborhood, consumed many bagels. I was so exhausted the entire time in NY, not at my best but got to meet so many pals that it was still pretty good.

4. Grass at the fake stonehenge place out in the gorge, from last year’s Summerland shoot that I tagged along for.

5. Strata at Ned Ludd.

6. Lauren’s cat in the middle of a beastly yawn, last summer.


  • Cara Edwards

    Naww great cats! Also: delicious food. Also also: pretty flowers! Love it :)


  • Jo@The Desert Echo

    Not sure how I ended up at your blog, procrastination was definietely involved ;), but just thought I’d say I love love love your photos, so perfect.


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