Even though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, pastel pix like these are always relevant in Summerland! Megan has realized her long-time dream of opening up a brick & mortar home for Summerland and you can visit her and check out all of her awesome wares at 811 E. Burnside #222. She’s ’round the back and up the stairs, so don’t be shy about exploring the building. There are other cool shops in the back too that you might have missed. Right now Megan is in NY seeking out awesome new stuff for the store, so the shop is closed for the week but will be open again on Feb 26th! My timing is super awesome, right? Haha. Enjoy the pastel wonderland!

Photography: Anja Verdugo
Model: Lana Nyman
Styling, hair & makeup, wardrobe: Megan Hart / Summerland

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  • rachael

    i am into this gals hair! wish i could check out the shop in person..


  • Helena

    These colours are downright delicious. Also, that last shot? Perfect.


  • abirdsdailylife

    I love the colours and the lilac hair!
    Really beautiful!



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