Today I’m shooting some new clothing by Sara Bergman. We’ve done this together a couple times now and I know it’ll be super nice and chill! I have three, possibly four, photoshoots in a row this week so it’s going to be a little crazy, makes me glad that the people I work with aren’t people that thrive off of stressful situations. I am the opposite, I like things to be as mellow as they can be. I can get shit done just as efficiently as a workaholic, it’s just that I prefer to do it with a layer of CHILLNESS over everything, haha. I took this photo of Sharon at our last shoot, I think it was one of my first attempts with the medium format camera.

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  • Megan

    yessssss layer of chillness in life always! except when i’m shrieking in your ear because i am excited hahaha.


  • Zuri

    Excellent work, I’m in love with the character of this pictures.


  • Lola Wrenn (@LolaWren)

    beautiful work, my dear. she looks lovely.



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