Over the past week or so I’ve added a ton of new pieces to the vintage shop! Cozy sweaters, sheer dresses & tops, a bit of velvet, florals, plaid, honestly it’s all over the place but there are lots of great things. Here’s what’s new!

90′s floral suspender skirt / silver cat necklace / chartreuse gold silk blouse / 90′s optical illusion dress / black swan & animals shirt / 90′s flower polka dot dress / textured beehive necklace /tiny heart necklace

black and gold silk tee / / golden swirl silk tee / 80s pumpkin spice suspender skirt / 70′s fringe necklace / 90′s sheer short sleeve top / fuzzy 90′s sweater

90′s daisy crop top / satin goth sailor blouse / metallic silver pleated skirt / zipper necklace with matching earrings / minimal black rayon top typographic cropped shirt

90′s crinkle tank top / flecked gray mini dress / black & white southwest crop shirt / lace collar blouse / taupe roses sweater / floral crinkle top / knotted chain necklace / velvet & sheer dress

zodiac print shirt / wildflower mini dress / 90′s sheer printed shirt / small black silk tee / 90′s dyed silver maxi dress / 70s cream ruffle top / navy polka dot silk top

70′s gingham shirt / sheer mesh cardigan / 90′s fuzzy short sleeve sweater / green sweater (sold) / silk maxi skirt (sold) / painterly rayon shirt

moon & stars fringe dress / celestial crinkle top / magenta leaf pink shirt / 90′s floral mini dress / colorful southwest shoes / violet wildflower dress / teal suede pencil skirt / 90′s floral crinkle top

90′s picnic dress / patterned jacket (sold) / linen dress (sold) / navy blue bias polka dot dress / blue crushed velvet top / 80′s lilac sequined skirt

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  • rachael

    i really dig the “black swan” orange shirt…and i definitely have 2 of those zipper necklaces! one was my grammas and i thrifted the other one. i can’t tell which is which anymore :( haha


  • Mado

    The SW “swan” shirt is actually made up of Mimbres designs – gotta represent


    anja Reply:

    Thanks for sharing that! I love all the illustrative animals, they have so much character.


  • charlotte

    Holy Smokes lady! Your new shop pics look amazing! xo


    anja Reply:

    Thanks Charlotte!


  • john

    What a great collection of finds and the pictures are all so good! I love the black & white geometric sleeveless dress (fourth in) and the short sleeve one with red & yellow flowers against black is outstanding. But patterned jacket and everything else aside, that orange & white sleeveless with the fleur de lys motif is beyond amazing!


  • Gina Olguin

    ¡Excelente colección! ¡No puedo esperar a que llegue la nueva ropa de primavera! Me gustó mucho la ropa vintage y las combinaciones nuevas que se aproximan a mi guardarropa este verano. Me gusto en especial el collar de gato y creo que combinarlo con una blusa/top de un color plano ,solo hacen que el collar luzca mas.


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