UPDATE: Thank you so much for all your sweet comments! The giveaway is now closed and Dana from Summer Teeth is the random winner!

To finish off my holiday giveaway series I’m making it personal and offering up $100 in store credit to my own shop, ANN-YA! I’m going to keep this giveaway open until the new year, so please leave a comment on this post (whatever you like, it’s a free-for-all this time!) for a chance to win!

My line recently had its first anniversary and it has already changed so much in one year, evolving from an attempted clothing line into the world of leather. I’ve been super happy to be making things and am feeling pretty lucky that the people around me (both in Portland and virtually) have been supportive of my work. Right now I’m the featured indie designer on Megan Nielsen‘s great blog and you can read about my experiences in becoming a designer. Definitely read the other posts in that series too!

I was going to finish off this post with a bunch of the rad gift guides that have featured my stuff, but my computer is acting super weird and I can’t open photoshop to edit anything, so it will have to wait! I do post things like that regularly on the ANN-YA facebook page, so you can see them there. Yay!

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  • tina

    your store is incredible! i love the color palette you’ve chosen. the muted pinks, greys, whites and blues are beautiful.

    thanks for this giveaway xx



  • Mary

    Just found you through Megan Neilson’s blog. Your things are so sweet! It is always fun to find new creative people.


  • Vittoria @ The Beautiful Things

    aw, how lovely! merry christmas! x


  • lily

    Beautiful — I love your choice in colors and the textures. Simply perfect!


  • cory rose

    A man a plan anal Panama

    The moon leather bags r fabulous


  • Lorena

    Your work is really wonderful and with such a delicate allure! I just love it!

    Merry Christmas!



  • Lulu

    I just love those leather clutches/pouces from the shop! Happy Holidays!


  • Jil

    Wonderful Store, I love it :)


  • lauren winter

    I’ve loved watching your line evolve, anja! I’m especially in love with your metallic leather pouches.. so beautiful. hope you are enjoying the holidays!


  • Veronica Guess



  • Kendra

    I love that your love of metallics and forms comes through so clearly in your designs. Whoohoo to a new year!


  • Elizabeth T

    Been browsing your site/blog from Seattle, and super hoping to make a trip down to Portland!


  • Tracy E.

    paper squirrel


  • Danae Moran

    You have such a lovely blog, thanks for hosting a giveaway. Have a Happy New Year!


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  • Morgan

    Oh I would love to win, everything you make is beautiful!


  • Hannah

    I love your line! It’d be great to win this.


  • caitlin Shearer

    well i was looking at your etsy shop by coincidence this morning, so what a nice surprise to see this giveaway! The plain black leather textured tote is on my wish list – it be perfect for me next year, as i’m going back to school to study fashion design and a nice sturdy tote would be good to carry all my bits and bobs around. so hopefully i may have a chance!



  • Michi

    I’ve loved watching your creativity develop and flourish over the past year. Here’s to another successful year! Best wishes!


  • stephanie claire

    happy anniversary! it’s been fun watching your line grow! here’s to 2013 being another year of growth and blessings for you!


  • Kacy

    Anja, you are the quintessential self-made artistic dynamo! I loved reading your interview; LOVE your foray into leather goods; and look forward to many more years of clever nettle eyecandy and ANN-YA successes! Congrats! xxoo


  • Patricia

    Lover your work is soooo inspiring, specially the mix of colors and shades.

    Greets from Spain! Happy new year!!



  • Emily

    What a year! I can’t wait to see what comes next!!!


  • Kelly

    Thank you for this giveaway and Congratulations on a great year! xx


  • Rebecca

    thank you for doing this giveaway! Your work is so incredible!


  • Samantha

    Thanks for the giveaway, have a good 2013!


  • caroline

    that’s so generous!


  • Edie

    Hi! Love your collection! Thanks!


  • Heather M.

    I’ve been following your blog for a few years now and I’m so impressed with your transition from vintage clothes seller to fabricator and editorial photographer. Cheers and best of luck!


  • V Marlee

    Congrats!! Sign me up :)


  • G

    Great store! Sign me up for the contest!


  • Pfeenie

    I would love a set of your cat coasters – both beautiful and whimsical. I also have my eye on the Ancient Bloom Leather Pouch.


  • Marilyn Fu

    I love the simplicity of your designs. They are so rich but spare – nothing there that doesn’t need to be. Exactly how I want to feel going into the new year!


  • Gracie

    I read the piece on Megan’s blog, you’re such a hard worker, so inspiring. I’d love something from your collection.


  • Andy

    Just stumbled upon your site for the first time. Very excited to look through your archives and to see what’s in (your) store!


  • Zoë Biggs

    Yippeeeeeeeee not sure if the giveaway is still open, but I would love some of your glorious goods! And HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND DALLAS! <3


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