A new holiday shoot for Summerland, featuring the always amazing Meredith Adelaide! We took these photos at a variety of locations in St. John’s, including ultra cute home, which was featured heavily in our previous spring shoot, So Long, Marianne. Check out what’s new at Summerland and enjoy the photos! Don’t blame me if you find yourself craving a diner milkshake or a whiskey & coke.

Photography: Anja Verdugo
Model: Meredith Adelaide
Styling, hair & makeup: Megan Hart

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  • Megan

    The milkshake was ALL MY FAULT but you can blame Anja for the whiskey + coke!


    anja Reply:

    Dream Team gonna keep u snackin’ all nite long


    Megan Reply:

    wish i had some sock-hop fries right about now…


  • Crystal Lee

    Such great photos! I love all the backdrops & especially enjoyed the photo featuring the swan planter.


  • Hana

    So good! Love, love, love!~


  • rachael

    these are so dreamy. 60s and 70s. i dig the fur hat.


  • Angy Braine

    Heard a rumour…. Lana Del Ray saw these and now she wants to work with you… faw shizzle!!
    (methink it mazing Anja …. truly mazing ♥♥♥)


  • Gracie

    Lovely, love the perfume bottles


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