I recently shot some images for Eden‘s holiday lookbook, these are some of my favorites. My dream of a photoshoot with a sword finally came true!

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  • http://www.shop-summerland.com Megan

    love the colors/textures and that last image! wowza!!!!


  • http://ladylikeness.blogspot.com rachael

    beauties! those ladies are so striking!


  • http://www.mousevox.com Rachel // Mousevox

    These are beautiful, Anja. So dark & emotional.


  • http://cosmicist.blogspot.com Jessica Sue

    These photos are astonishingly beautiful. The rich jewel tones, the velvety and satiny textures…it couldn’t be more perfect. Oh and the way the second-to-last photo looks as if she has peacock-feather wings: amazing!


  • http://www.clevernettle.com/rachabees rachew

    you know this is basically what the inside of my brain looks like duh!!!


  • http://www.aymarieke.com Marika

    YES! Thank you so much for all your hard and beautiful work.


  • http://www.falconwright.com Sandi

    Wow! These are gorgeous!


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