Demimonde is a new shop and studio space located at 2428 NE Broadway, opened recently by Rachael Donaldson as an extension of her beautiful jewelry line with the same name. Rachael’s jewelry pieces are intricate and ornate without being overwhelming, the shapes and colors come together to create a balanced, unique adornment. The shop is has a similar vibe, appreciating things that are innately fancy but presenting them in a way that isn’t intimidating, rather it feels warm and comfortable. Rachael stocks a unique collection of new and vintage wares, from jewelry to leather goods (including my pouches, yay!), candles to a carefully selected rack of vintage clothing. I love her taste in vintage jewelry, and I wish I could see the people who take home these pieces. Every item in the store has a lot of character, and I appreciate the many appearances of unique animal figures. At first I didn’t notice, but as I was photographing they slowly revealed themselves. This includes Rachael’s extremely adorable tiny dog friend! You should definitely pay Demimonde a visit, and follow the Facebook page or blog for updates as well.

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  • Rachael

    i love this, especially since her name is also rachael spelled the same way as me! i want to have a shop like hers, but in winnipeg where i live. it looks so beautiful in there! congrats on your shop, other rachael!


  • april

    i could live in this store! those paper cuts are blowing my mind! so beautiful.


  • Liz

    God, can I just pretend that place is my closet? I must have it all. Give me one of everything. I will be needing like two dozen of those awesome little terrarium ornaments.

    Gypsy Alchemy


  • Jen

    BEAUTIFUL! YAY! Her shop is so amazing. I made that weird outer space bouquet as an opening gift for her! Hahaa.


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