Craft & Culture is one of my favorite web boutiques. They are based in Seattle and have a perfect dark modern aesthetic, focusing on unique designer apparel, jewelry, accessories, and even some cool home goods. Right now I’d say it’s minimal with just a hint of goth, but it’s always evolving. Craft & Culture has a unique focus on designer features, including interviews and in-house lookbooks, which are a real meeting of talents. For this feature I wanted to do a little interview with Craft & Culture because I know that they have a lot of cool ideas and motivations powering their shop, which I’m sure you can appreciate this too! Just in case you’re skimming, don’t miss their BLACK FRIDAY SALE starting this Thursday at midnight. Lots of amazing deals on really cool designer pieces, more info below in the interview!

–What inspired the birth of Craft and Culture? Has the vision evolved since opening, or are there any new directions that you’re interested in exploring as the shop develops?

Craft & Culture was inspired by conversations about things we love (independent design, underground fashion, unique perspectives) and also the desire to create a platform for the individuals that we admire to succeed on a greater scale. We began with four artists in Seattle that we had personal relationships with and those individuals really informed the values and direction of the site. Now that we’ve gone global (that’s fun to say!) we’re receiving input, inspiration and ideas from a much broader range of artists. So in terms of the future, we’re interested in creating space for a global audience to learn about these incredible designers and find pieces and products that they’ll treasure.

–It’s clear that the relationship between maker, retailer and buyer is very important to the shop’s overall vibe. From the exclusive editorials to designer interviews, there’s definitely a story being told. Why are these features important to you?

Thank you! We try to bring our unique skill sets and interest in the human part of products to everything we do. These are amazing individuals creating things by hand or in small runs. They love what they do and we want to support that by showcasing their work and processes in a personal and unique way.

–How do your surroundings influence the shop’s aesthetics? Does the creative community around you play a part, and would you ever want to translate the web boutique into a physical store?

The Seattle artists and community definitely influence the aesthetic of the shop. We’re impressed by our surroundings to say the least. But the focus is really the self-expression of all of our artists so that includes the Icelandic, Parisian and Montreal-based designers as well. The diversity is what is so exciting to us. The store has no plans to become a physical boutique because the web creates such a global reach for us. However, pop-ups are always a good option.

–I love all the dark colors and modern, slightly goth looks that are featured in the shop and the lookbooks. Is this a style that you’ve always been drawn to? What are some of your key pieces for the winter months?

The style is one that is ever-evolving with the artists. We draw our inspiration from them so the aesthetic is firmly rooted in an exploration of material, texture, history, personality and transformation. It’s very human!

Key pieces for winter are the alpaca knits by Hendrik.Lou (especially the cowls), leg warmers by Eon from Paris, Dagger Earrings from Aoko Su, one of a kind necklaces by Meghann Sommer and the incredible rune dress from Ovate. Actual Pain’s new line of leggings will be on the site soon as well and they are insane!

–Anything else you’d like to share about upcoming events or projects?

We’re releasing the second edition of Ledger Magazine in early December! It’s a newsprint mag that delves into the culture of the artists on our site as well as individuals who march to the beat of their own drum, so to speak, and are making huge waves doing it. I can’t wait to share that! It will be available on our website and also for free at coffee shops, galleries and other small venues in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Brooklyn.

We’re also having our big BLACK FRIDAY SALE beginning this Thursday at midnight and going til the following Tuesday at midnight. Amazing gifts and artisan goods marked down up to 40%! Buy for yourself or someone you love while supporting independent artists.

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