I – Tea pieces belonging to Carlie‘s grandmother. Carlie has work published in the new issue of Apartamento! To celebrate there was a small gathering of buddies in from of Nationale the other morning, drinking coffee and lounging on sidewalk, a preview of summer months to come.

II – This year’s Fieldguided Dreamcats calendar in my newly repainted home office. When we moved in a few years ago, the landlord offered to paint, so I gave him this avocado green swatch that I used to really like. Well, he ended up painting three rooms and the hall in this color so there’s a lot of green, and I am so sick of it. Overall, I am truly sick of almost every aspect of the way my house looks and would like to change everything. It’s a daunting task for someone with no money and barely any motivation. I just stare at it and hate it. Anyway, I painted the office white and it is a welcome change. I only have two things on the walls, and I drape a swatch of sequined fabric near the window so that I get disco ball lighting when it’s sunny.

III – A tasty punch made by Marika, which we drank on Easter as part of a housewarming brunch. I ate a ton of candy and they made these awesome baked potato egg creations, mini lemon meringue pies, fruit salad, coffee galore. We had a nice afternoon walking around her new neighborhood, a pack of well-fed wanderers.

IV – Marbled leather swatches for an ANN-YA wholesale order. I’ve begun wholesaling! Interested shopkeepers, feel free to get in touch.

V – Lots of this stuff to be seen. SPRING I LOVE YOU.

VI – Sequins make good light. Although now when I look at this, all I see are those fucking textured walls that took forever to paint. Whoever invented textured walls should be VERY, VERY SORRY for what they created.

VII – A package sent out to Erin (spoiler alert for Erin) as a thank you for helping to set up my website. No thanks to me for sucking at websites.

VIII – Other than Dreamcats, this print of Emily taken by Ali Scarpulla is the only thing on my office walls. I bought this print so long ago! It’s nice to finally see it on a daily basis, next to my pathetic palm plant.

  • Megan

    woah, that marbled leather is awesome! i like the top middle, reminds me of my little ponies for some reason?


  • Katy

    The cups are so cute!!!Love it!And the marbled leather is totally fantastic!


  • Erin / Rinn Shop

    You rule, lady. That was the best little package I’ve had in a while. & luckily I’m so far behind on blogs that I just saw this now.


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