Something unfortunate is happening in Portland: lots and lots of rain. Rain every day, with only more rain on the horizon. Anytime I see a hint of summer I feel such an intense craving for the sun and heat that I feel a little crazy. dalas played this Steve Winwood video the other night and decided it would be his new karaoke jam, and I lost it over the peach and tropical leaves and general babe-ness of VALERIEEEE. I thought I knew this song but it may just be some dance track that samples it? Whatever, either way I wanted to go back and screencap it from island-tropic-summer-dream girl to moody-jeans-in-an-80′s-mystery-alley girl. I think this video might be the reason that I now own a peachy leather mini skirt. That color!!

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  • Sarah

    Haha what is it with the 80s and the moody alley girl look?! I have a strong impression from 80s music videos that everyone either had a hard drug addiction and became a prostitute, or decided to dominate wall street, wore ridiculous shoulder pads, and hired said prostitute. Dunno… Perhaps I have a taste for terrible 80s music videos?


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