Portland just gained a very special new space, a loving and warm zone filled with treasures called LOWELL, which you can find at 819 N. Russell (open 12-5 till the end of the year, check their facebook page for open hours past that!). This space has been created by Maya and Dino, two cool folks with incredible taste and a mellow vision for Lowell’s future. Right now the retail aspect is king, but soon the kitchen will be opening and snacks will be cookin’! I think you might be able to score some special ice cream right now, or a cup of tea. Each time I enter the store I just want to hang around and examine everything, hearing Maya tell me about specific pieces. The collection feels very personal, a mix of found treasures and artistic creations, many of which have been made by people who are connected in some way to the owners, be it through family or friends. There’s a clear sense of beautiful functionality, the kind that makes you want to own a really special handmade spoon or dish. The building is old, the wares are timeless, and LOWELL gets filled with golden rays every clear evening. You should really pay this place a visit.

I’m really happy to be involved in this shop in a small way- you can find some ANN-YA pieces hangng on the racks! A couple pieces are the same as you might find online, but I also made a few one-of-a-kind pieces specifically for the shop. There’s a real emphasis on the value of rarity in this shop, and it really does feel neat to know that you’re the only person who owns a specific creation. I’m also super proud to be sharing a rack with Hetterson, who also made two one-of-a-kind sweaters for LOWELL (the first store within Oregon to carry Hannah’s line, crazily enough!). Maya picked the perfect colors too, the sweaters are exactly the right fit for the shop. She is a really cool designer too, her line SAMUELS also exists very much in the realm of rarity- even more one-of-a-kind pieces. I think many of her items are already sold, but I’m sure there will be more on the racks soon! A big Portland favorite. Anyway, seriously- visit this great space, bring a buddy, tell a buddy, buy a buddy (so many little funny dudes on the shelves!).

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  • Melissa

    i love these photos! i hope to visit portland soon. this is definitely on my to-visit list! :)


  • Aria Parfait

    Just beautiful! Your photos are brilliant!


  • Annalise Furman

    What a lovely shop!


  • Brittan

    I can tell this shop is curated with a lot of thought and care. Soooo pretty.

    And I love how you used the lighting in your photographs!



  • Darcy

    Perfect & on my way to work!


  • Marika

    I met Maya through Golden Rule early this year – she is such a dear. I am really excited to go visit Lowell! Looks beautiful!


  • My

    stunning! love the prints!


  • Andrea

    Yeah Lowell! Best shop. Let’s meet up there again soon.


  • Cousin Susie

    Your Grandfather, Lowell, and your Great Grandmother, Evelyn Fyvolent Samuels, both of whom had incredible style, would be so very proud of you, as is all of the rest of your family. You are amazing! Can’t wait to visit Portland for the first hand experience of “Lowell.” Lots of love and good wishes.


  • kate

    I’ve heard so much about this store, it looks amaaaazzzing.


  • Zane

    beautiful places and beautiful photos


  • palace

    Yay! Lowell looks beautiful! Congrats, can’t wait to come by! xo


  • Madeleine

    just lovely!


  • Anne

    wow, this looks like it’s straight out of japan. i can’t wait to stop by… although i doubt i’ll ever want to leave.


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