1920′s Witches – Häxan

This is totally the opposite of yesterday’s post, going from things that are colorful, bright and new to things that are old, dark and scary. dalas got this movie from Netflix and I snagged some images from the DVD’s stills & set photos gallery. Häxan is a Danish film from 1922 about witchcraft through the ages. It’s kind of corny and weird, but there are some amazing scenes and images, like that crazy dog below! I love old interior images from the early 20th century, especially when they are empty and quiet. I feel like I’m going to get sucked right into them!


  • http://www.curiousconstellation.blogspot.com Curious Constellation

    These freaked me out quite a bit.


  • http://www.greatestfriend.etsy.com Angela J Winter Means

    I own this! BEST MOVIE EVER. along with picnic at hanging rock & the original wickerman ;)


  • http://www.lion-heart-vintage.blogspot.com zoë, lion heart vintage

    holy crap, these are amazing!


  • http://www.shop-summerland.com Megan

    wow, these are incredible! the dog image is too cool!


  • http://smallearthvintage.blogspot.com/ Karen/Small Earth Vintage

    Very creepy and cool! I’ll have to check this one out.


  • http://www.yellowporchlight.blogspot.com Tamberine

    These are awesome!!!


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