La Danse

I’m really excited to be sharing these photos! Megan and I came together via our mutual girly love for ballet (did you know I danced for ten years?) and decided to outfit two lovely ladies in the finest from our respective shops, spending an afternoon in a dance studio, shooting photos and marveling over the surprising awesomeness of a cut-up pair of sweatpants. Sure, ballet stuff is undeniably a trend right now, but these images still come from within our frilly pink hearts. I also have to mention that when I got home I found my knees covered in bruises (from shooting), and got an immediate “BLACK SWAN!” accusation from dalas.

Photos: Anja Verdugo (yours truly!)
Clothing: Summerland and Clever Nettle
Accessories: Fieldguided, Giant Dwarf, The Vamoose
Styling & Hair: m. bardeaux
Makeup: Nica Demaria
Models: Kiely McDaniel and Meredith Adelaide

See more on Cat Party and my flickr.

  • alice

    The photos are wonderful. They look so simple, but so perfect. Beautiful!


  • Gracie

    These are very beautiful, the lighting, the poses, how well chosen the clothes are, I love one of the models faces, it’s so expressive, I think it’s the one called Meredith.


  • Kelly

    ohhh this takes me back. I love so many of the clothing items, but it’s funny I can tell they aren’t really dancers! I guess that’s just how it is when I was one myself. The cutout dress is my favorite and I love the contrast/tone of all the photographs!


  • olive green anna

    wow. what a delightful photoshoot! It makes me want to put on my tights and tutu and prance around!

    Thanks a bunch for sharing.



  • Charlotte AUZOU

    I love the dresses from Alexandra Grecco. Great styling, it suits ballet dancers really well…


  • julia

    This is the most amazing photo shoot I’ve seen in a long time – really fabulous! Well done Anja!! :)


  • Marina palovaara

    sugar-sweet and lovely colors.. soft and dreamy.. I like it!


  • betty scandretti

    Just gorgeous – I love the hair and makeup design as well as the beautiful clothes!


  • caroline

    wow, amazing. I love all the styling and the color palette!


  • Rachel

    amazing. i really like the bag in pictures 6 and 12, who made it? i would like to use it as my ballet bag (yes, i am a dancer). thank you!


  • meili

    pppp yeah i love the outffit definetly !!!
    the colors !!


  • Jade Sheldon

    These are incredible! You have outdone yourself Anja!


  • Tiffany

    wow!!! Anja, these are absolutely stunning! You did an amazing job.


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  • Calla

    This shoot is so lovely, perfect, and inspiring! Great work!


  • Elle

    I really want the tote bag! Wild Heart is one of my favourite Stevie Nicks songs. Is it possible to buy it?


  • Nataya Picontagious

    Beautiful….love it, and the stars for the hair…good idea:)


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  • Karen Patrick

    Such cute outfits. I really like the hearts at the back of the dresses. Nice. NFA trust


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