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I can feel my obsession with grayscale clothing growing stronger. When I’m outfitted completely in black/charcoal/gray, I feel protected and tough. Jewelry as an armor/talisman. Alien shades, moonscapes, marble. Smoke and silver. I burned some resin incense but forgot to salt the charcoal and it made a lot of smoke, I had a strip of silver sequins around my neck and I was accidentally recreating our shoot from October. I feel some power in consistency, I want to clothe an army of comfortable space creatures.



Just recently, dalas relinquished his hold on the coveted upstairs office room in our house, and I took over with all my sewing/leather goods. I never got around to bringing my sewing machine over to the studio, and I have heartbreaking news- the space will no longer be mine in the new year. If anyone in Portland has any leads on studio spaces that would be appropriate for photography (aka really awesome natural light), PLEASE let me know. I am open to sharing spaces with the right people, and am eager to find a new spot. I have till mid-January, but it was just a sublet and the leaseholder is returning. So bummed! It was beautiful. I’m going to be vintage shopping/photographing like a maniac over the next few weeks to make the most of my time in Perfect Light Studio Land before it goes away. There is no way I’m returning to the basement. ANYWAY, we did a ton of cleaning to reorganize the space and I rediscovered this leather jacket that I thrifted last year. It’s just a mall brand (BP, whatever that is) but the fit is so great and the leather is super soft. My only complaint is that I wish it had pockets! The other pieces of this outfit include a great scarf made by Good Night, Day (yay Tara-Lynn!), I’ve had it for a couple years and it’s still such an essential piece. The dress is the very first thing I designed for myself, you can see the whole thing in this post from summer. Miss u, summer. And of course, my we never sleep necklace! Almost always.

I’ve been reading up a lot about palm houseplants, since I kind of freaked this one out. Between moving it around a bunch in the studio to figuring out the watering, a lot of the leaves have died, total bummer! I trimmed them away and there’s new growth starting to open up, so I have hope that it’ll come back to me. I am by no means a houseplant expert, I mostly have succulents at home and they’re the easiest kind. I really want a million plants though, I would fill my house with them if I could.



It seems like I only wear this linen jacket once or twice a year, but I can never give it up because it really is the perfect golden mustard color. It made an appearance in the Natalie Joy shoot too! I raked the leaves in our yard only to have the tree drop another layer the next day. Our tree likes to keep its leaves until all the other trees are done with theirs. The Last Word in Leaves. I’ve also been wearing my Post Painterly necklace from wenvrsleep and my “tough girl” boots (not pictured, but they’re black leather with zip-up fronts, a thrift find) almost every day. I have a new attitude towards these outfit posts, which I avoided doing for the majority of 2011. Basically, it has to be really easy and not take up much time (aka no overanalyzing allowed!). This is right outside my house, and I only shot a couple frames. After documenting outfits for a couple years it started to feel weird for me, so it’s nice to feel it make a mellow shift. Anyway whatever, LEAVES, CLOTHES, PICTURES, STUFF.

Other stuff: finally went to Cheese Bar today and enjoyed many things served on boards (the best way). My Plant Portrait count is up to five, which is awesome! Keep ‘em coming, plant lovers. I’m working hard on ANN-YA projects, including pink & gold kitty coasters and maybe even a necklace. There’s some waxed canvas in the mix too. I also finally ordered some yardage of the fabric design that I created, pretty excited to have that in my hands. My wares will be available at a holiday sale next weekend, I’ll post more info on that soon.



Can you believe it? It’s an outfit post! I haven’t done one of these in months and months because I got really tired of it, but I think the glittery tights commanded me to document them. It’s a very simple outfit, which may be the only way to appropriately incorporate super glitter into my daily life. I wear this cotton pullover sweater dress a lot, and on this day I wore it to shoot some plant portraits and also to shoot the leather goods for ANN-YA. It’s true, I owned metallic tights in high school, but since I’ve officially been out of high school for over ten years, the timing seemed acceptable. At least they’re not striped, and I’m not wearing a slip over my jeans.


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