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My pal Megan is WITH CHILD and we celebrated earlier this month up at her adorable dollhouse home with a sweet baby shower. Major congrats to Megan and her husband Gery! Their daughter is due in January! So crazy. BABIES. I wish Anabela could have magically teleported to the party, but at least there’s some coverage of her impressive baby gift skills on her blog. I snapped a quick pic of her cute handmade blanket waiting on the baby’s crib, the little gray sheep is the best part. We had lots of good snacks and I took some pretty funny photos of Megan cradling an amazing/terrifying fairy princess doll that she got as a gift from one of her mother’s friends, whose mother is a doll collector? Something like that. I’m also seriously impressed at the dress collection this baby is going to have, we’ve been joking around about all the baby photoshoots we will have to do but now it seems inevitable, haha. Baby stuff isn’t really my thing but it’s fun when it’s with your friend! And extra fun when your friend has crazy vintage baby bonnets and dresses with kittens coming out of the pockets (cred to Jen for that one!)

For now, more cute stuff.



A few misc film images that I like as a group. Organic shapes, petals, creatures, and some good colors.

I – A double exposure of Sydney from a Yo Vintage shoot, maybe even two years ago, at the old Fieldwork Flowers HQ.

II – Megan’s flower crown leading our way to Victoria, from our little roadtrip up there earlier this year for Crystal Visions. Rachel has been posting a few photos from last year’s party on her instagram, which you should follow. I don’t think I ever posted about the trip but it was so fun, driving the Olympic Peninsula with Megan for her first Canadian experience. Victoria was looking extra cute with all the cherry blossoms, Princess St., Floral Chapel, etc. Then, the wine and the ladies (I only came here for two reeeeasons).

III – dalas at the Maui Aquarium from our Hawaii trip earlier this year.

IV – My friend Kevin’s amazing fishtank, with ALL REAL plants (and fish, duh). REAL coral. Something else really real: the fish named Beyonce.



I’m feeling kind of dejected lately, but I know it will pass. The changing seasons make me sad because it means that winter is going to happen again, but I’m setting up plans to spend more time in California (THE SUN) this year so it will be fine. But my body doesn’t know that! It won’t believe me until it happens. As a digital treat to myself I revisited these photos that dalas took of my #1 Most Favorite Moment of the year, watching the sunset in Maui, trapped in a pink misty cloud. I could have existed in that pastel universe for the rest of my life. Here’s one I took on film.



More photos from our summer houseboating trip on Sproat Lake. My film SLR did me wrong in two ways – many unfortunate light leaks that killed frames, and straight-up empty/blank frames as if the shutter didn’t open at all. WTF? It worked totally fine for the past few rolls, I have the worst luck with my 35mm film cameras. I only got a few images from the trip, but it’s ok. I think we shot something like 2000 photos on Rachel’s camera anyway, ha ha. It’s cold, dark and rainy here now, so summer photos are (sort of) helping to lift my mood (not really).


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